Bregan Graniteheart

  • Origin: Chasm Peak, Commonwealth
  • Class: Fighter
  • Level: 10
  • Race: Dwarf, Male
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • AC: 29
  • HP: 71
  • STR: 20
  • DEX: 16
  • CON: 20
  • INT: 11
  • WIS: 16
  • CHA: 15
  • Honor Points: 44
Possessions of Note:
  • +2 Stone Full Plate (Granite traced in Silver)
  • Bag of Beans
  • Lantern of Darkness
  • Boots of Direction
  • Ring of Water Walking
  • Nighthook (+4 Meteorwhip that has a magic chain to allow it to reach up to 30’)

Colors: Red and Silver

Current Status: Deceased


Bregan’s charisma came from the sense of quiet, yet capable strength he presented to those about him. Tall for a dwarf, 4’4”, he looked like a well dressed boulder rolling across the floor in his silver-lined stone armor and his helm tilted low over his eyes. Bregan didn’t look up to meet the eyes of members of taller races, unless they were friends. Others of the ‘oversized’ races could come down to his level if they wanted eye contact. Otherwise Began was totally comfortable talking to an elf’s chest or barbarian’s waist. If they took this as an insult, Bregan always offered to “shorten them a bit, so they would be of proper size:. A warrior of few words, he did little to liven parties, and was poor company on long voyages. The impression he left on his companions was that of a Dwarf more interested in discussing strategy for an upcoming fight, no matter how distant, than in small talk. Quiet in the interim, he was good to have at your side when certain parts of your anatomy were in the fire.

Bregan accompanied Ohnyon and Cuscraid for a short while on their journey to aid Hurricaine Mount with a little matter of war. During the trip, he had two duels. The first versus Grail Rockfist, a half-orc whom me managed to bring down to size in short order. A duel of little note except for the side wager of “100 gold and a bucket of spit”. Bregan greatly enjoyed watching Grail toss back a full spittoon from the nearest tavern. His second duel was versus Kraya Driftwater, that delicate human damsel who provided him with his oh-so-fine meteor whip. The weapon was payment for having the duel’s loser brought back from the brink. Those had to have been the two most expensive cure light wound spells in the history of any realm! His conscience did bother him a while over the price exacted, but he did give her his +2 meteor whip, so she wasn’t left weaponless. Bregan discovered the whip’s magical powers the hard way in the duel.

Three bits of lore which he most assuredly passed on to his children’s children when he was a respected longbeard living in well deserved retirement: NEVER try to outdo a drinking record set by a Centaur, no matter your constitution. A lesson learned the hard way at Devil Dan’s. The following days were still a blur to Bregan even years later, but he always had the nagging suspicion that something important happened then. Perhaps it was those events that led him to be trapped in the plane of elemental air, which brings us to the next lesson. If you’re ever in co-possession of a fling disk with any of Cuscraid’s descendents, or for that matter any lunatic human, YOU take control of the blamed thing! Lastly, when given access to a wish, wish big, and don’t limit it.

DM’s Note:

After the War of the Possessed, Bregan remained an honored Hero at Hurricane Mount for his assistance. Bregan was also one of the generals that lead the war against his ex-companion Vyper, and was instrumental in establishing Stoneforge. Bregan remained a respected political and military advisor for the remainder of his very long and notable life.

Bregan Graniteheart

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