• Titles: Saint Vyper; The Tyrant
  • Origin: Breakwater, Ambersand
  • Class: Cleric
  • Level: 15
  • Race: Human Male
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • AC: 19
  • HP: 78
  • STR: 14
  • DEX: 13
  • CON: 10
  • INT: 13
  • WIS: 20
  • CHA: 18
  • Honor Points: -180

Current Status: Deceased


DM’s Description:

Vyper was born in Ambersand in a Lower-Upper class Caste of Clerics. However, while he was still relatively young, individuals in higher castes had him exiled, fearing his ruthless ambitions.

Since his awakening (the Ambersandi Rite of Adulthood) Vyper devoted his life to the religion of the Goddess of Pain. Vyper felt that to feel Pain, one must be alive. Life without pain is meaningless. Further, to master pain is to mater life, and to master life is to mater the universe.

By description Vyper is tall and dark, with square features and an intense, hypnotic, if not fanatic gaze. He carries a fine tracery of tiny scars over his body, proof of his continuing efforts to master his own senses. While he was frightening in his treatment of captives and enemies (and, occasionally, when sacrifices were scare..hapless travelers and passers-by), killing them in the most brutally agonizing methods he could imagine. It is said that he used no torture on others that he had not applied to himself. He delighted in new forms of torture, offering them as gifts to his Goddess and recording them in his manuals; however, though he inevitably offered the dead that were the eventual result of his labors to his Goddess. His intent was not to kill them, but to subject them to as much agony as possible, for as long as possible. That was his true offering. In this manner, he collected a horrific display of techniques for inflicting mind-numbing pain, yet keeping the victim alive and conscious. However, he himself delighted in the agony of others and himself, and withstood any pain himself with fanatic, intense discipline and glee. The mere act of Vyper skinning his own arm in front of an enemy was usually enough to convince that person that Vyper was probably not a good person to fight, and even a worse person to lose to.

In battle, Vyper delighted in excessive use of Flame Strikes, even in close and potentially dangerous situations (whats’s a little pain). however, he was known to wade into an occasional battle weilding a large magic shovel-bladed weapon, as he especially liked chopping with the edge and the crunching sound made by bludgeoning sombody to death with it.


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