Simon Ysidro

The true Grandfather of All Assassins


DM’s Description:

Simon Ysidro was an elf who was exiled from elven society for having a cruel streak. He eventually made his way into the underdark and joined with Drow society, he fit in for a small period of time. Until they decided to kick him out for being to vicious. He made his way back to the surface and traveled in the company of adventurers.

Simon was a fanatic about his service to his Goddess. Straddling the lines of being a cleric and an assassin. His goal was to become death itself. Part of his mission became to become the best assassin in the world. He found out about the protection rackets as he traveled, and viewed it as a travesty. He realized that in order to prove himself, he would have to go after the the top members of each assassin guild. He sent out missives to each of the guilds stating that he was coming for them, and no protection racket would save them. The first night he struck hard. Port Kar became a war zone instantly from the guerrilla warfare going on in the shadows. He was actually forced to kill off all the assassins in the area. News spread that Simon Ysidro, that death, was coming. The war lasted for two years. All the various assassin guilds top five men, including the guild master, were killed. Also during this time, the guilds blamed each other over sending Simon. After he achieved his goal, he claimed the title of True Grandfather of All Assassins, though Godfather is also a term that can be switched out with Grandfather. The guilds rebuilt, and still harbor hatred at Simon for his actions, but they also respect him as an assassin without equal. He did send messages out stating that his crusade was over. With many guilds on the verge of being almost destroyed,

Simon Ysidro

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