Pronunciation: (Koos-Kree)
  • Origin: FreeHolt, Blacktor
  • Class: Fighter
  • Level: 18
  • Race: Human Male
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • AC: 22
  • HP: 122
  • STR: 18
  • CON: 18
  • DEX: 18
  • INT: 14
  • WIS: 14
  • CHA: 14
  • Honor Points: 255

Colors: Black and Silver

Current Status: Deceased


Customarily cloted in Black Adamantite cloth, with a similar Adamantite cloak, conferring some protection without magic in addition to the black and silver-chased normal bracers. ‘Cuscraid lived on the Edge’.

Close duel with one One-Eye Jack, winning with a bare four hit points remaining to Cuscraid. Lost one duel only, to Shehannon, in his guise of a gully dwarf. Forced to acknowledge himself as a gully dwarf whenever anyone asks (as price of losing the duel), but passed Shehannon’s test with ease. Fought over 22 duels total.

Awarded by Shehannon with a magic sword of his own request. The sword was a silver mounted rapier, which caused all spells to operate at half power upon the wielder, and give the wielder spell resistance 15+character level. Thus protected against magic by spell resistance, if it got through a half effect of it, then a savings throw as normal after that: Cruscraid made many noted wizards nervous.

Disdained all other magic save healing and a golden torc which could alter charisma and a silver circlet that gave spell resistance in case he ever got separated from his sword as backup.

Dated Lotus, a quiet, lovely half-elven woman of great skill as a warrior with the longbow

Notable accomplishments include the destruction of the Ambersandi High Wizard Badass (We didn’t know his real name); Drinking and inventing “Black Volcanoes” at Devil Dan’s Liquor Emporium; Wasting a greater wish that not even a retarded dwarf could waste; aiding the Dwarves in their war, including the fabled “flying Disc” incident; thumbing his nose at the Ku’Allan Emperor (and living for a while); Searching for and finding a sword stolen by said Emperor for his amusement value; hunting a were-tiger; teaching uppity neighbor wizards not to play nasty tricks with magic ‘cause it tends to piss off the owner/manager of the nearby family amusement park; sparing the life of Vyper in a grand display of poor judgement

DM’s Note:

Cuscraid was a skilled and feared warrior whose only real mistake was allowing an enemy (Vyper) to live, who could eventually afford a 24th level assassin to do him in. It should be noted that he tricked Ohnyon with one of his own spells, by sending a letter to him inscribed with a Sepia Snake Sigil; but his ‘amusement park’ was an utter failure, perhaps having something to with having Vyper’s country, a Theocracy of Tyranny and evil as a neighbor. He will also be the first to tell a listener that both Diamond Earth-Elementals and Adult Brontosaurii are much tougher then they look…

Afterbeing assassinated by Vyper, Cruscraid called upon Shehannon to be able to avenge his dishonorable death. What resulted was a shadowy bargain with the god of Assassins, and a long and arduous journey back from the Shadowlands. He returned to the living lands hundereds of years later. He gathered about him a company of heroes to free his fettered companion Ohnyon. Rumors abound about Cuscraid, the bargains he made to return from death, his allegiance to Ohnyon, and the method of fighting he developed…Weave-Working


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