The Moons of Theya'Dien


A yellow colored moon. Mostly associated with farmers, historians, and people keeping track of dates. It is the only moon that never vanishes or dims. The moon takes on a light orange glow when the time to plant crops is near, and a red glow when it is time to harvest. Many places have festivals when this happens


A rust colored moon that seems to have a haze about it. It has a giant crater on its face covering over half of it (58%). It is considered the artisans moon. Not due to its looks, but to the belief that those who rest below it with their tools and materials for their projects for one week every year when it takes its bright red tone will gain a better insight into their projects. During this time all craftsmen and artisans rest, doing no work. They slow down as it approaches, and speed up as it leaves. During this period they gather and share stories with one another.


The silver moon, associated with warriors and lovers. It is believed that the crystal weapons appeared when it was a light blue color. Many tournaments and duels happen during this time, which is twice a year. Battlefields have become jousting arenas when this happens. During this time even the lowliest squires/sword-boys are treated as equals.Oddly enough a ten year war was settled in a wooden shield duel between two eight year old squires during one of these phases. Four times a year it shines a bright silver for two days. This is considered the best time to be with a lover. If a priestess blesses a couple the night before, and the couple spends those two nights under the moon “watching” it and come back to be blessed again afterwards, nothing can ruin their relationship. Zelthire is only in the sky during spring till the end of summer.


A purple colored moon. Children consider it a baleful moon since it is out during the “bad” months. It is considered the moon that brings families closer. Also it is the moon of the Magi. During its peak in the sky, it is believed to be the best time to enhance components, study, etc. It is in the sky from fall till the end of winter.


A conglomerate of earth tones and whites. It follows a pattern through the sky similar to the sun. Its coler never brightens or dulls. Twice a year it is eclipsed by Thespus. Kepper is considered to be the rogues moon.


During fall/Winter it is white, and during Spring/Summer it is black. During the equinoxes of fall and spring it is half black and white. This is the entertainers moon, and those who like blance. During the equinox, no entertainer refuses to perform, for if they don’t…its met with tragedy


A blue and green moon. It is associated with many things. Scholars view it as an enigma.

The Moons of Theya'Dien

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